Eight18 Studio provides various consultations that range in pricing. Every project and every client is unique and exceptional, thus our packages are as well. The consultation fee is based on square footage, number of treatment areas, duration of time and location. During the consultation, Eight18 Studio will assess your needs, questions, and overall vision. As we evaluate the project and each room involved, we will ask you many questions to identify your likes/dislikes, taste and style. With this information, we can better assist you, embody your vision and manifest your desired look. Our main goal for this meeting is to extract as much information from you as possible, leaving you with a sense of direction. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Learn about each consultation by clicking each picture strip below.
Learn more about each consultation by clicking each picture strip above.

*All consultations come with a complimentary additional 30 minutes, Thank You pack and gift card. 

Essential Consultation   - $300

Essential Consultation - $300

Video Consultation   - $175

Video Consultation - $175

Staging Consultation   - $250

Staging Consultation - $250

Décor Consultation   - $200

Décor Consultation - $200

Redesign Consultation   - $250

Redesign Consultation - $250

Commercial Consultation   - $300

Commercial Consultation - $300

Space Planning Consultation   - $200

Space Planning Consultation - $200

Renovation Consultation   - $175

Renovation Consultation - $175

Color Infusion Consultation   - $175

Color Infusion Consultation - $175



Eight18 Studio Logo

Eight18 Studio Logo


A - Discovery: We discuss the needs for your home and ways to achieve your desired look.                                                                       Starting at $150/hr

B - Video: Convenient if you reside out of the area or have a limited schedule.                                                                                             Starting at $125/hr

C - Staging: Discovers ways to make your home more appealing to the buyer,  thus maximizing $$ and increasing profits.                 Starting at $200/hr

D - Décor: Provides recommendations about furnishings, wall art, décor, paint, sizing and etc.                                                                 Starting at $200/hr

E - Redesign: Explores methods to maximize your existing items to transform your space.                                                                        Starting at $250/hr

F - Commercial Space Planning: Demonstrates how to extract the highest $ per sq. ft. for businesses.                                                  Starting at $300/hr

G - Space Planning: Will allow us to dissect your space to discover under utilized areas or help reach your space's full potential.       Starting at $150/hr

H - Renovation: Ideal for anyone desiring a change or an upgrade to their home, specializing in unfinished spaces.                              Starting at $175/hr

I  - Color Infusion: We'll get the creative juices flowing to add a little or a lot of color to your spaces.                                                      Starting at $225/hr

J - Affordable Luxury Dept: Perfect for the one wanting a luxury look or elements while maintaining an economical budget.           Starting at $100/hr

K - Luxury Elite Dept: Created with Celebrities, Athletes, Personalities and Top Executives in mind.                                                     Starting at $300/hr