The 8-Step Process

Step 1) The Consultation

Consultation:  The consultations range in price and is based on the square footage and/or treatment area(s). During the consultation, Eight18 Studio will assess your needs, questions, and overall vision. As we evaluate the project and each room involved, we will ask you many questions to identify your likes/dislikes, taste, and style. With this information, we can better assist you, embody your vision and manifest your desired look. Our main goal for this meeting is to extract as much information from you as possible to create your vision board. 

Step 2) Agreements, Retainers, Deposits, Refunds & Cancelations

After the consultation, Eight18 Studio will create a Client Proposal for your approval and signature. If any changes are needed, they will be made during this time.  Once approved, the Service Agreement will be generated along with other supported documents and presented for signature. The indicated non-refundable deposits and retainers are also paid at this time. Once the retainer is paid, no services can be added or subtracted to the Service Agreement. If, during the process, you would like to add a mini project, permissible change or A La Carte services/items, you will be invoiced separately. Payment is due before any changes take place. Cancellations must be made WITHIN 24 hours from the signing of the agreement. Any request past the deadline will be subject to a 35% cancellation fee. Any initial retainer deposits would also be subject to service providers cancellation policies exactly. Refunds are typically made 35-45 days after all cancellations are received from retailers, manufacturers and the like.

Step 3) Vision Board

This step requires your participation. We need you to send us ALL items, pictures, colors and all things that inspire you or represents what you desire the end result to be. 

Step 4) Scheduling and Timing

After the signed documents and payments are received Team Eight18 will create the design schedule to keep your project on task.

Step 5) Sourcing, Orders, Purchases, Returns, & Exchanges

Now it's time to purchase. How exciting! Based on what you approved, we will start or continue the purchasing process based on the needed shopping list. Returns and exchanges are subject to the retail and manufacturer policies exactly.

Step 6) Installations

Once orders start arriving on-site, we will begin putting them in place. The total completion time ranges, especially if there are custom items required for the project (most projects range from several months up to a year). If items must be delivered at different times, we ask you provide us with a holding area for the deliveries until install day. While onsite, we ask that you DO NOT peek, open nor move. Doing any of these things can be considered a breach of contract. If something is moved or broken/damaged by the client, the client is solely responsible for the replacement of the item. If the client opts to not replace the item, this may alter the entire project design and you will not receive a project price reduction nor refund in any manner. If we install in 1-2 day(s), we prefer for you to remain off-site but accessible via phone just in case we have questions. We ask you remain offsite until we are done.

Step 7) Punch List

The Punch List is a list we create of all of the small things left to be completed (for example: missing accessories and paint touch-ups). Team818, along with you, will go through your space and create this detailed list so that nothing is missed and all concerns are addressed. Our goal during this punch list meeting is to tie up all loose ends and head into the final phase of completion.

Step 8) Final Walk - Through

Once all Punch List items are complete, and every item is installed/in-place, Eight18 Studio will walk through the completely finished space with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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